Use of Assembly Grounds

The Ontario Legislative Grounds comprise the area of land bounded by Queen's Park Crescent East and West and on the North by Wellesley Street West, Toronto Ontario. Access to and use of the Legislative Grounds is the responsibility of the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. At the Speaker's direction, the Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for granting public use of the grounds through an application process that is administered by the Legislative Security Service. The Legislative Security Service is consulted on all events and activities that may affect access to this area of jurisdiction.

Peaceful demonstrations / rallies are welcome and expected on the Legislative grounds. The Legislative Assembly will make every effort to cooperate and assist you in planning your event.

The Legislative Assembly institutes and enforces guidelines to impose reasonable restrictions on clients to protect the functionality of the Assembly's precincts. Clients using the Legislative grounds should be aware that demonstrations are designated for a certain area of the grounds and at no time are permitted inside of the building.

Requests for use of the Legislative Grounds are to be directed to the Investigative Liaison Unit by calling 416-325-2900 or via fax 416-325-3171.

  • Please complete all sections of the application and forward it via fax to the Investigative Liaison Unit. Include all supporting or additional information.
  • When possible allow a minimum of two to four business days to process the application (as much time as possible for larger, more involved events).
  • Officers of the Legislative Security Service will contact you to arrange a time to meet with you and review your application, the rules associated with the use of the grounds, and the logistics associated with your activity.
  • Detailed guidelines are available upon request by contacting the Investigative Liaison Unit via the above contact information.

The Legislative Security Service will assist you in organizing your activity, with the goal of promoting a safe and peaceful event.

The Sergeant-at-Arms may grant permission to use facilities within the Legislative Precinct if the booking satisfies the relevant policy and procedures. Permission to use the facilities does not indicate in any way that the Legislative Assembly endorses or supports the organization or client making the booking or its policies, activities, or views. No public notice or media release made by an organization or client granted permission to use the facilities may state or imply that such support or endorsement exists. A representation of endorsement inconsistent with this paragraph may result in the denial of this booking and / or any future bookings.

An act or series of acts that contravenes the guidelines applicable to Legislative Grounds Demonstrations and Special Events, a provincial or federal statute or a municipal by-law, or that otherwise interferes with the proper functioning of the Legislative Assembly may result in an individual or group being required to leave the Legislative Precinct and/or, at the discretion of the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, being prohibited from entering the Legislative Precinct thereafter.

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