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PR82   504260 Ontario Ltd. Act, 2018  Rinaldi, Lou   
20   Insurance Amendment Act (Life Loans), 2018  MacLaren, Jack   
19   Ontario Forestry Revitalization Act (14 Storey Wood Frame Buildings), 2018  Fedeli, Victor   
18   Careers in Medicine Advisory Committee Act, 2018  Martow, Gila   
17   Long-Term Care Homes Amendment Act (Preference for Veterans), 2018  Forster, Cindy   
16   Respecting Municipal Authority Over Landfilling Sites Act, 2018  Hardeman, Ernie   
15   Taxpayer Protection Amendment Act, 2018  Hillier, Randy   
14   Personal Information Protection Act, 2018  Takhar, Harinder S.   
13   Poet Laureate of Ontario Act (In Memory of Gord Downie), 2018  Hatfield, Percy   
12   Sewage Bypass Reporting Act, 2018  Jones, Sylvia   
11   Phones Down, Heads Up Act, 2018  Baker, Yvan   
10   Filipino Heritage Month Act, 2018  Colle, Mike   
9   Mandatory Sexual Assault Law Training for Judicial Officers Act, 2018  Scott, Laurie   
8   Access to Consumer Credit Reports and Elevator Availability Act, 2018  MacCharles, Hon Tracy  Minister of Government and Consumer Services 
7   End the Public Funding of Partisan Government Advertising Act, 2018  Jones, Sylvia   
6   Correctional Services Transformation Act, 2018  Lalonde, Hon Marie-France  Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services 
5   Home Care and Community Services Amendment Act (Dan's Law), 2018  Gretzky, Lisa   
4   Magna Carta Day Act, 2018  Munro, Julia   
3   Pay Transparency Act, 2018  Flynn, Hon Kevin Daniel  Minister of Labour 
2   Cutting Red Tape for Motor Vehicle Dealers Act, 2018  Clark, Steve   
1   An Act to perpetuate an ancient parliamentary right  Wynne, Hon Kathleen O.  Premier 
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