Bill 14, Anti-Bullying Act, 2012

MacLeod, Lisa

Current Status: Consideration by Standing Committee on Social Policy

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Background Information

Elizabeth Witmer, MPP


Witmer Takes Decisive Action on Bullying
Press release, November 30, 2011

Witmer Fights to keep our Schools Safe

Member Information
Legislative Assembly

Witnesses Appearing before the Committee

Links are to witness testimony in committee.

Standing Committee on Social Policy

May 7, 2012

Institute for Canadian Values

Jubilee Centre for Christian Social Action

Concerned Catholic Parents of Ontario

Markham Chinese Parent Fellowship

Ms Mirtha Coronel
Ms. Amina Jama

Ms. Marion Karasiuk

Allliance for Family Values

Mr. Kam Wai Pang

Canadian Hindu Advocacy

Toronto Chinese Catholic Task Force

Markham Voice

Ms. Jocelyn Ko

Evangelical Association

Mr. Ekron Malcolm

May 8, 2012

Ms. Linda Beaudoin

Network of Families' Concern

Ms. Iris Jones

Parents as First Educators

Concerned Citizens Against Child Pornography

iEngage Bullying Prevention

Rose of Sharon Mission

Mr. James Ryan

May 14, 2012

Ontario Gay-Straight Alliances Coalition

Mr. Joe Grieco

London Anti-Bullying Coalition
York Region Anti-Bullying Coalition

Ontario Principal's Council

Guelph Anti-Bullying Coalition

Miss G Project for Equity in Education

Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Bluewater Citizens for Education

Mr. Jason Golloher

Pan-Orthodox Association of Greater Hamilton 
Eastern Orthodox Clergy Fellowship of Toronto

York Region Anti-Bullying Coalition

 Catholic Students for Gay-Straight Alliances

Toronto District School Board, Caring and Safe Schools and Gender Based Violence Prevention

Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association

Christian Heritage Party of Canada

Ms. Yvonne Haley

Mr. Dan Di Rocco

Ontario Inter GSA Association 

Queer Toronto 

Mr. Michael Knight
Mrs. Nancy Knight

Trans Lobby Group 

Impact Education

Public Education Advocates for Christian Equity 

His Name Was Steven

May 15, 2012

Ontario Public School Boards' Association

Ms. Gillian Lea

Ontario Catholic School Trustees' Association

Ontario Human Rights Commission

Mr. David Blair

Catch the Fire - Airport Campus

Eagale Canada

Family Coalition Party, Northern Ontario

Toronto Catholic District School Board, Ward 7, Scarborough/North York

Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario

Catholic Civil Rights League

Family Coalition Party of Ontario

Centre for Inquiry

Mr. John G. Gots

Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth

May 22, 2012

Coalition for Parental Rights in Education

Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

M. Emmanuel Houle

Mr. Dustin Garron

Mr. Allan Hubley

Mr. Timothy Lau
Dr. Jonathan Ponesse

Jer’s Vision

Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa

Mr. Rene Leiva
Mme Véronique Ouellette Fohr

M. Guy Dacquay

M. Bernard Couture

M. Joel Du Broy

Ontario Provincial Council of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada

Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontariens

Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association

Kids Help Phone

Ms. Kathleen Murphy

Ms. Emily Wehbi

Ontario Student Trustees’ Association

Ms. Johanne Brownrigg

Ms. Ariel Troster
Ms. Dawn Moore

Mr. Stu Schwartz

Ms. Elvira Varriale

Mr. Alan Jane

Ms. Edna Du Broy

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