41:2 Bill 134, Budget Measures Act (Housing Price Stability and Ontario Seniors' Public Transit Tax Credit), 2017

Sousa, Hon Charles Minister of Finance

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Date Bill Stage Activity Committee
June 01, 2017   Royal Assent  Royal Assent received   
June 01, 2017   Third Reading  Carried on division   
June 01, 2017   Third Reading  Question put   
June 01, 2017     Ordered for Third Reading pursuant to the Order of the House   
June 01, 2017     Discharge the Order of referral to Committee   
June 01, 2017     Time allocated   
May 31, 2017     Ordered referred to Standing Committee  Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs 
May 31, 2017   Second Reading  Carried on division   
May 30, 2017   Second Reading  Deferred vote   
May 30, 2017   Second Reading  Debate   
May 17, 2017   First Reading  Carried   
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