Estimates are the proposed expenditures for each government department, agency, board, and commission. Estimates are divided into main estimates and supplementary estimates. Main estimates are tabled in the House within 12 days of the presentation of the budget. Supplementary estimates are tabled to provide funds for expenditures that were not provided in the main estimates.

This page shows the report on the estimates of ministries and offices selected for consideration in the current Parliament.

For more information on estimates, please call Procedural Services at 416-325-3500.

Status of Business

État des travaux

3rd Session,

3e session,
41e législature

[March 19, 2018]

Section 2

Section 2


Budgets des dépenses


No Estimates have been tabled in the Third Session of the Forty-First Parliament. There is currently no business before the Standing Committee on Estimates.