Opposition Day and Want of Confidence Motions

Opposition Day is a block of time on certain sessional days reserved for the consideration of a matter selected by a member of an opposition party.

A want of confidence motion is a motion that signals the government has lost the confidence of the House.

Below is a list of Opposition Day debates and want of confidence motions and the outcomes of resulting debates during the current session of the current Parliament.

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Status of Business

État des travaux

3rd Session,
41st Parliament

3e session,
41e législature

[March 27, 2018]



Section 6C

Section 6C

Special Debates


Débats spéciaux



3.         Ms. Horwath — Whereas one-third of working people have no dental coverage, and this gap is even larger for people who are freelancers, contractors, artists and in the gig economy;

Whereas two-thirds of retirees have no dental coverage, and people receiving Ontario Works have no standard dental coverage;

Whereas the Liberal government has left over 2 million people without coverage for prescription medications; and

Whereas every three minutes in Ontario, someone goes to an emergency room or doctor’s office for a dental problem, and nearly a quarter of people reported they or someone in their household didn’t take their medication because of costs;

Therefore the Legislative Assembly calls on the government to ensure all Ontarians, regardless of age, income, source of income, or where they live, can access dental care and drug coverage.

Addressed to the Premier. Filed March 21, 2018.

Debated and carried on division March 27, 2018.