Index du Journal des débats des Comités: 39<sup>e</sup> législature, 2<sup>e</sup> session: Index des sujets traités back

Index du Journal des débats des Comités: 39e législature, 2e session: Index des sujets traités

  • James Bay General Hospital. see Hospital integration—James Bay General Hospital and Weeneebayko General Hospital
  • Janitorial services
    • workers
  • Job Zone d'emploi
  • John Howard Society of Ontario
  • Joint body. see Far North—land use planning—joint body
  • Joint health and safety committees
    • compelling employers to implement recommendations
    • powers of co-chairs
    • provision of health and safety training
    • right to standardize certification training with annual reviews
  • Jointly sponsored pension plans. see Pension plans—jointly sponsored pension plans
  • Journeyperson to apprentice ratios. see Apprenticeship training programs—journeyperson to apprentice ratios
  • Judges
    • fees/salaries
  • Just Energy
    • electricity suppliers
      • Tabuns, G9
    • energy price protection
      • Tabuns, G9
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