Index du Journal des débats des Comités: 41<sup>e</sup> législature, 2<sup>re</sup> session: Index des intervenants Page précédente

Index du Journal des débats des Comités: 41e législature, 2re session: Index des intervenants

Letter: J

  • Jones, S. (PC, Dufferin–Caledon)

    • Anti-Human Trafficking Act, 2017 (Bill 96), SP463, SP467
    • Budget, pre-budget consultations, F366, F379–F380, F406, F426
    • Child and youth mental health care
    • Energy affordability
      • for the general public, F366
    • Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017 (Bill 148), F1020, F1036, F1045, F1053, F1054, F1062, F1063
    • Highway construction projects
      • in Greater Toronto Area west corridor, F406
    • Human trafficking victims
      • protection of privacy, SP463
      • right to sue perpetrator, SP481
    • Hydro One Inc., privatization
      • repurchase by government, F366
    • Living wage
    • Mental health care
      • walk-in services, F426
    • Minimum wage increase, economic impact
    • Ministry of Labour
      • Changing Workplaces Review, F1036
    • Paramedics and paramedic services
      • dispatch models, F406
    • Poverty reduction
      • guaranteed basic income, F406
    • Reports referred to committee
      • 2016 Annual Report: Ministry of Children and Youth Services (Auditor General of Ontario), P85–P86
    • Sex workers/Human trafficking victims
      • disclosure and reporting, SP467
    • University and college faculty members
      • contract faculty
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