Index du Journal des débats des Comités: 41<sup>e</sup> législature, 2<sup>re</sup> session: Index des intervenants Page précédente

Index du Journal des débats des Comités: 41e législature, 2re session: Index des intervenants

Letter: N

  • Naqvi, Hon. Y. (LIB, Ottawa Centre)

    • Building Better Communities and Conserving Watersheds Act, 2017 (Bill 139), SP526–SP533
    • Land use planning
      • consultation with indigenous communities, SP528
      • official plans,appeals, SP532
    • Land use planning, reform
    • Local Planning Appeal Support Centre
    • Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)
      • to be replaced by Local Planning Appeal Tribunal
  • Natyshak, T. (NDP, Essex)

    • Government information technology
    • Indigenous communities
    • Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs
    • Reports referred to committee
      • 2016 Annual Report: Treasury Board Secretariat (Auditor General of Ontario), A204, A205, A206, A207, A212
  • Nicholls, R. (PC, Chatham–Kent–Essex)

    • Cap and trade, economic impact
      • on competition with United States, F926
    • Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017 (Bill 148), F921, F925, F926, F934, F935, F951, F952
    • Minimum wage increase
      • relative wage increases, F921
    • Minimum wage increase, economic impact
    • Safer School Zones Act, 2017 (Bill 65), G259, G260
    • School buses
    • Strikes
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