Sessional Papers

Session 3, Parliament 41

Sessional Papers are documents tabled in the House during a session of Parliament, or during the interval between sessions. Sessional Papers can include Annual Reports, Appointments, Expenditure Estimates, Reports by Ministries or Parliamentary Committees, Bills and their associated compendia.

Below is a listing of Sessional Papers tabled during the third session of the Forty-First Parliament, and during the interval after the Second Session of the Forty-First Parliament.

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Suffix "i" indicates Sessional Papers Tabled during the Interval between the Second Session of the Forty-First Parliament and the Third Session of the Forty-First Parliament (from March 15, 2018 to March 19, 2018). 

Number Suffix Sessional paper Date tabled
  Speech from the Throne opening the Third Session, Forty-First Parliament  2018-03-19 March 19, 2018  
29    Committee Reports (standing), Standing Committee on Public Accounts, Immunization (Section 1.04, 2016 Annual Report of the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario)  2018-04-24 April 24, 2018  
  Compendium, Bill 1, An Act to perpetuate an ancient parliamentary right  2018-03-19 March 19, 2018  
  Compendium, Bill 3, An Act respecting transparency of pay in employment  2018-03-20 March 20, 2018  
  Compendium, Bill 6, An Act to enact the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services Act, 2018 and the Correctional Services and Reintegration Act, 2018, to make related amendments to other Acts, to repeal an Act and to revoke a regulation  2018-03-20 March 20, 2018  
  Compendium, Bill 8, An Act to amend the Consumer Reporting Act and the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000  2018-03-20 March 20, 2018  
  eHealth Ontario, 2016-2017 Annual Report  2018-03-22 March 22, 2018  
  Order in Council 612/2018, dated March 26, 2018, appointing the Honourable J. David Wake as the temporary Financial Accountability Officer of Ontario, commencing March 26, 2018  2018-03-26 March 26, 2018  
  Committee Reports (standing), Standing Committee on Government Agencies, Report on Intended Appointments, March 27, 2018  2018-03-27 March 27, 2018  
  Commissioners of Estate Bills, Report to the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly regarding Bill Pr79, An Act respecting the Kingston Health Sciences Centre  2018-03-27 March 27, 2018  
10    Budget 2018 and Budget papers  2018-03-28 March 28, 2018  
11    Compendium, Bill 31, An Act to implement Budget measures and to enact and amend various statutes  2018-03-28 March 28, 2018  
12    Ontario's Poverty Reduction Strategy, 2017 Annual Report  2018-03-29 March 29, 2018  
13    Letter to the Clerk of the House from the Member of Nipissing advising of his intention to file a reasoned amendment to the motion for Second Reading of Bill 31, An Act to implement Budget measures and to enact and amend various statutes  2018-03-29 March 29, 2018  
14    Financial Services Commission of Ontario, 2016-2017 Annual Report  2018-04-06 April 06, 2018  
15    Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Annual Energy Conservation Progress Report 2018, Volume One, entitled, Making Connections: Straight Talk About Electricity in Ontario  2018-04-10 April 10, 2018  
16    Report of the Speaker’s Panel to Establish a Members’ Code of Conduct on Harassment  2018-04-11 April 11, 2018  
17    Adjudicative Tribunals, Social Justice Tribunals Ontario, consisting of: Child and Family Services Review Board; Criminal Injuries Compensation Board; Custody Review Board; Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario; Landlord and Tenant Board; Social Benefits Tribunal; and Ontario Special Education Tribunals, 2016-2017 Annual Report  2018-04-11 April 11, 2018  
18    Adjudicative Tribunals, Environment and Land Tribunals Ontario, consisting of: Assessment Review Board; Board of Negotiation; Conservation Review Board; Environmental Review Tribunal; and Ontario Municipal Board, 2016-2017 Annual Report  2018-04-17 April 17, 2018  
19    Public Guardian and Trustee for the Province of Ontario, 2016-2017 Annual Report and Financial Statements  2018-04-17 April 17, 2018  
20    Compendium, Bill 53, An Act respecting the establishment of minimum government contract wages  2018-04-17 April 17, 2018  
21    Financial Accountability Office of Ontario, Electricity Trade Agreement: An Assessment of the Ontario-Quebec Electricity Trade Agreement, Spring 2018  2018-04-18 April 18, 2018  
22    Metrolinx, 2016-2017 Annual Report  2018-04-18 April 18, 2018  
23    Order in Council 895/2018, dated April 18, 2018, appointing Peter Weltman as Financial Accountability Officer of Ontario for a fixed term of five years, effective May 7, 2018  2018-04-19 April 19, 2018  
24    Ministry of Economic Development and Growth, 2018 Burden Reduction Report  2018-04-19 April 19, 2018  
25    Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, 2017 Annual Report  2018-04-20 April 20, 2018  
26    Appointments, certificate pursuant to standing order 108(f)(1) re intended appointments, April 20, 2018  2018-04-20 April 20, 2018  
27    Expenditure Estimates 2018-2019 for: Accessibility Directorate of Ontario; Advanced Education and Skills Development; Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs; Attorney General; Cabinet Office; Children and Youth Services; Citizenship and Immigration; Community and Social Services; Community Safety and Correctional Services; Economic Development and Growth / Research, Innovation and Science; Education; Energy; Environment and Climate Change; Finance; Francophone Affairs; Government and Consumer Services; Health and Long-Term Care; Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation; Infrastructure; International Trade; Labour; Lieutenant Governor, Office of the; Municipal Affairs / Housing; Natural Resources and Forestry; Northern Development and Mines; Premier, Office of the; Seniors Affairs; Status of Women; Tourism, Culture and Sport; Transportation; Treasury Board Secretariat  2018-04-23 April 23, 2018  
28    Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, 2016-2017 Annual Report  2018-04-23 April 23, 2018  
Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), 2016-2017 Annual Report  2018-03-15 March 15, 2018  
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