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Abel, Donald Clarke   Wentworth North 
Acres, Adam Holland   Carleton 
Adams, Peter   Peterborough 
Aggelonitis, Sophia   Hamilton Mountain 
Agostino, Dominic   Hamilton East 
Ahrens, Alfred Emanuel   Perth North 
Akande, Zanana L.   St. Andrew--St. Patrick 
Albanese, Laura   York South--Weston 
Allan, Absalom Shade   Wellington West 
Allan, James Noble   Haldimand--Norfolk 
Allan, John Pearman   York West 
Allan, John   Hamilton West 
Allen, Harry Marshall   Middlesex South 
Allen, Richard Alexander   Hamilton West 
Allen, Robert Aloysius   Riverdale 
Allen, William John   Hastings North 
Allen, William Torrance   Simcoe West 
Alles, Arthur Nelson   Essex North 
Anderson, Charles N.   Essex South 
Anderson, Edward James   Welland 
Anderson, Garfield   Fort William 
Anderson, Granville   Durham 
Anderson, James Alexander   Lanark South 
Anderson, John George   Bruce South 
Anderson, William   Prince Edward 
Anderson, William Alfred   Peterborough County 
Anderson, William A.   Peterborough East 
Andrewes, Philip W.   Lincoln 
Angus, Iain Frances   Fort William 
Appleby, Nathaniel Stephen   Hastings East 
Apps, Charles Joseph Sylvanus   Kingston and the Islands 
Ardagh, William Davis   Simcoe North 
Armstrong, Adolphus T.   Essex South 
Armstrong, Milton Taylor   Parry Sound 
Armstrong, Samuel J.P.   Parry Sound 
Armstrong, Samuel Henry   Muskoka 
Armstrong, Teresa J.   London--Fanshawe 
Arnott, Richard Duke   Hastings West 
Arnott, Ted   Wellington--Halton Hills 
Arthurs, Wayne   Pickering--Scarborough East 
Ashe, George Lyle   Durham West 
Asmussen, Nicholas   Waterloo North 
Atkinson, Thomas Robert   Norfolk North 
Aubin, Albert Zenophile   Sturgeon Falls 
Aubin, Azaire Adulphe   Sturgeon Falls 
Auld, James Alexander Charles   Leeds 
Auld, John Allan   Essex South 
Avery, Frederick Harold   Lincoln 
Awrey, Nicholas   Wentworth South 
Aylsworth, Bowen Ebenezer   Lennox 
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