All Members serving in Parliament: 5 -- February 27, 1883 - November 15, 1886




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Denison, George   Addington 
Lyon, Robert Adam   Algoma 
Lyon, Robert Adam   Algoma East 
Conmee, James   Algoma West 
Young, James   Brant North 
Hardy, Arthur Sturgis   Brant South 
Fraser, Christopher Finlay   Brockville 
Gillies, John   Bruce North 
O'Connor, Hamilton Parke   Bruce South 
Hammell, William Henry   Cardwell 
Monk, George William   Carleton 
Ross, Alexander Peter   Cornwall 
McGhee, Robert   Dufferin 
Broder, Andrew   Dundas 
Brereton, Charles Herbert   Durham East 
McLaughlin, James Wellington   Durham West 
Ermatinger, Charles Oaks   Elgin East 
Cascaden, John   Elgin West 
White, Solomon   Essex North 
Balfour, William Douglas   Essex South 
Wilmot, Henry   Frontenac 
Rayside, James   Glengarry 
French, Frederick John   Grenville South 
Lauder, Abraham William   Grey East 
McColman, Neil   Grey East 
Creighton, David   Grey North 
Blyth, John   Grey South 
Baxter, Jacob   Haldimand 
Kerns, William   Halton 
Gibson, John Morison   Hamilton 
Hudson, William Parker   Hastings East 
Wood, Alpheus Field   Hastings North 
Sills, Ephraim George   Hastings West 
Gibson, Thomas   Huron East 
Bishop, Archibald   Huron South 
Ross, Alexander McLagan   Huron West 
McCraney, Daniel   Kent East 
Ferguson, Robert   Kent East 
Clancy, James   Kent West 
Metcalfe, James Henry   Kingston 
Graham, Peter   Lambton East 
Pardee, Timothy Blair   Lambton West 
Caldwell, William Clyde   Lanark North 
Lees, William   Lanark South 
Merrick, Henry   Leeds North and Grenville North 
Preston, Robert Henry   Leeds South 
Hawley, George Douglas   Lennox 
Roe, Alexander Hall   Lennox 
Neelon, Sylvester   Lincoln 
Meredith, William Ralph   London 
MacKenzie, Donald   Middlesex East 
Waters, John   Middlesex North 
Ross, George William   Middlesex West 
Johnston, Alexander   Middlesex West 
Harcourt, Richard   Monck 
Dill, Jacob William   Muskoka and Parry Sound 
Fauquier, Frederick G.   Muskoka and Parry Sound 
Freeman, John Bailey   Norfolk North 
Morgan, William   Norfolk South 
Ferris, James Marshall   Northumberland East 
Mulholland, Robert   Northumberland West 
Gould, Isaac James   Ontario North 
Dryden, John   Ontario South 
Baskerville, Patrick   Ottawa 
Mowat, Oliver   Oxford North 
Crooks, Adam   Oxford South 
Cooke, George Atwell   Oxford South 
Chisholm, Kenneth   Peel 
Hess, John George   Perth North 
Ballantyne, Thomas   Perth South 
Blezard, Thomas   Peterborough East 
Carnegie, John   Peterborough West 
Hagar, Albert Peter   Prescott 
Hart, James   Prince Edward 
Murray, Thomas   Renfrew North 
Dowling, John Francis   Renfrew South 
Robillard, HonorĂ©   Russell 
Drury, Charles Alfred   Simcoe East 
McKay, George Prevost   Simcoe South 
Phelps, Orson James   Simcoe West 
Kerr, Joseph   Stormont 
Morris, Alexander   Toronto East 
Clarke, Henry Edward   Toronto West 
Fell, John   Victoria North 
McIntyre, Duncan John   Victoria South 
Snider, Elias Weber Bingeman   Waterloo North 
Master, Isaac   Waterloo South 
Morin, James E.   Welland 
Clarke, Charles J.P.   Wellington Centre 
Laidlaw, James   Wellington South 
McKim, Robert   Wellington West 
McMahon, James   Wentworth North 
Awrey, Nicholas   Wentworth South 
Badgerow, George Washington   York East 
Widdifield, Joseph Henry   York North 
Gray, John   York West 
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