Current MPPs

Current Party Standings

Total Seats: 107

  • Ontario Liberal Party:56
  • Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario:28
  • New Democratic Party of Ontario:18
  • Independent:2
  • Vacant seat(s):3
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Oosterhoff, Sam Associate Critic for Research, Innovation and Science 
Sattler, Peggy Critic for Advanced Education, Skills and Development 
Martow, Gila Critic for Children, Youth and Families 
MacLeod, Lisa Critic for City of Ottawa Issues 
Cho, Raymond Sung Joon Critic for City of Toronto Issues 
Scott, Laurie Critic for Community Safety 
Nicholls, Rick Critic for Correctional Services 
Natyshak, Taras Critic for Digital Government 
Oosterhoff, Sam Critic for Digital Government 
McNaughton, Monte Critic for Economic Development, Employment & Growth 
Smith, Todd Critic for Energy 
Clark, Steve Critic for Ethics and Accountability 
Martow, Gila Critic for Greater Toronto Area Issues 
Pettapiece, Randy Critic for Horse Racing 
Mantha, Michael Critic for Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation 
Thompson, Lisa M. Critic for Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation 
Thompson, Lisa M. Critic for International Trade 
Yakabuski, John Critic for Labour and Training 
Walker, Bill Critic for Long-Term Care 
Coe, Lorne Critic for Post-Secondary Education 
Munro, Julia Critic for Poverty Reduction Strategy 
Harris, Michael Critic for Research, Innovation & Science 
Walker, Bill Critic for Seniors 
Nicholls, Rick Critic for Tourism, Culture and Sport 
Scott, Laurie Critic for Women’s Issues 
MacLeod, Lisa Critic for the Anti-Racism Secretariat 
Walker, Bill Critic, Accessibility 
Taylor, Monique Critic, Accessibility and Persons with Disabilities 
Barrett, Toby Critic, Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs 
Vanthof, John Critic, Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs 
Hillier, Randy Critic, Attorney General 
Taylor, Monique Critic, Children and Youth Services 
Cho, Raymond Sung Joon Critic, Citizenship and Immigration 
French, Jennifer K. Critic, Citizenship and Immigration 
Natyshak, Taras Critic, Community Safety and Correctional Services 
Pettapiece, Randy Critic, Community and Social Services 
Gretzky, Lisa Critic, Community and Social Services 
Bailey, Robert Critic, Democratic Reform 
Fife, Catherine Critic, Early Years and Childcare 
Fife, Catherine Critic, Economic Development, Employment, Research and Innovation 
Sattler, Peggy Critic, Education 
Coe, Lorne Critic, Education 
Tabuns, Peter Critic, Energy 
Tabuns, Peter Critic, Environment and Climate Change 
Arnott, Ted Critic, Environment and Climate Change 
MacLeod, Lisa Critic, Finance 
Vanthof, John Critic, Finance 
Gélinas, France Critic, Francophone Affairs 
Martow, Gila Critic, Francophone Affairs 
McDonell, Jim Critic, Government and Consumer Services 
Gélinas, France Critic, Health 
Yurek, Jeff Critic, Health 
Armstrong, Teresa J. Critic, Home and Long-Term Care 
Gretzky, Lisa Critic, Homelessness 
Hatfield, Percy Critic, Housing 
Gates, Wayne Critic, Infrastructure 
Jones, Sylvia Critic, Infrastructure 
Bailey, Robert Critic, Intergovernmental Affairs 
Horwath, Andrea Critic, Intergovernmental Affairs 
Natyshak, Taras Critic, International Trade 
Forster, Cindy Critic, Labour, Fairness and Work 
Hatfield, Percy Critic, Municipal Affairs 
Hardeman, Ernie Critic, Municipal Affairs and Housing 
Bisson, Gilles Critic, Natural Resources and Forestry 
Mantha, Michael Critic, Northern Development and Mines 
Miller, Norm Critic, Northern Development and Mines 
Miller, Paul Critic, Pensions 
Gélinas, France Critic, Pharmacare 
Miller, Paul Critic, Poverty Reduction 
MacLeod, Lisa Critic, President of the Treasury Board 
Armstrong, Teresa J. Critic, Seniors' Affairs 
Campbell, Sarah Critic, Tourism, Culture and Sport 
Harris, Michael Critic, Transportation 
Gates, Wayne Critic, Transportation 
Vanthof, John Critic, Treasury Board 
Sattler, Peggy Critic, Women's Issues 
French, Jennifer K. Critic, Youth Engagement 
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